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Customers must-read:

1. How to order products?
You can first visit our website products. See you satisfied with the goods you can directly on our site, Taobao Mall or to achieve order. You can contact our customer service website consulting order.

2. Why Register?
Only registered users can order online and enjoy discount prices.
Only registered users can log on "Member Center", to use more members shopping features to manage their own data.
Only registered users can register online to other friends messages.
Only registered users may have access to our gifts and gift points.

3. How do forget your password?
In order to protect the interests of customers, we can not see your password. When you forget your password, please visit the registration page, click on "Forgot Password", the system will automatically tell you your password via email, you can log on "Member Center" to change the password, to ensure that your interests.
4. Integrals is how is it? What is the role?
The level of integration reflects your concern and support to our level. Our integral is generated by ordering merchandise. For the high points of our customers and we will have some incentive gift promotions, such as the points to redeem merchandise, price points deduction, gift products, more favorable prices for commodities, as the majority of spending your feedback.

Order inquiries:
1. Online ordering
Directly in order merchandise in the mall shopping please follow the following order: site shop and buy up → → → Add to Cart to checkout information about the consignee → → → Submit order confirmation order → (online or bank transfer) payment → contact us

2. Telephone Order
Contact us to purchase goods by phone: Service Hotline :0757 -23,882,671 National Service Tel: 4000662678 you dial the phone with us!
3. Mail Order
Mail order goods by post, please indicate on the money order to buy the product name, quantity, and please include your shipping address and the company address. If you need more detailed information, please call our service phone:

Customer Service:
1. Order
After logging in the website, enter the user back in the Mall Management → check my order in under your orders.
2. Call
Service Hotline :0757-2388271 | Address: Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Longjiang Town, West Africa | Zip: 528300

3. Fax orders inquiry
By fax, please include your order number, purchaser, and other related information. Fax :0757 -23,883,900
Services Service Guarantee:
1, returned goods
We will be happy to meet customer needs: the customer receives the goods, if dissatisfied, as long as the packaging is not damaged goods and no pollution, the accessories are complete, we implement the return system. And within seven days after arrival of the goods quality problems occur all goods returned or replacement, we will send someone to pick up (currently only Foshan region), other provinces and the customer can only be return by mail service. Other details, see "after-sales service.
2. Customer visit
In order to win customer satisfaction, understand customer feedback, we have established a customer visiting system. Sale of goods follow up call, to ensure quality of service, resolve customer worries.
3. Integrity Security
We shop for you to create a "save money, save time, effort, and secure" shopping information platform, fully understand and respect your individual freedom and independence; Care had to be others, such as; consciously and maintenance of community integrity in the building trade; Company to consciously abide by and fulfill the tenets of honor.
Return policy:
Meet the following conditions may require replacement
7 days return, replacement 15 days, to customer receipt, whichever is
(1) Upon receipt of the goods in the deliveryman face to face before unpacking, it was discovered the goods have quality problems.
(2) the actual receipt of the goods described on the site is very different from the.
Meet the following requirements, he can return
Customers within two days after receipt of the goods
(1) found that goods are obvious manufacturing defects.
(2) the goods after a replacement but there are still quality problems.
(3) As we are committed to human causes more than 5 days the date of arrival has not received the goods.
Return (for) cargo flow:
(1) customer within two days after receipt of the goods to contact us, we will within three working days by bank transfer to your money back. The amount of the refund amount of purchase of goods, not included Shipping.
(2) customers face to face delivery personnel required to return the goods, then contact us. We will ship to you again, extended time of arrival of goods.
(3), home delivery customers due to errors resulting return distribution requirements. When you receive the goods, closer inspection and acceptance of goods in accordance with the delivery note, goods missing, missing, dirty, damaged, said the spot inspection, we will be free to re-distribution, after inadmissible.
(4) mall gift with the product, please check in person, because you can not be returned after receipt of the. If the shortage will not sign a replacement after, the event returns, back to the main product, please return the gifts together.
In the following we have the right to refuse the return requirements
(1) goods appear damaged, but there is no requirement upon receipt on the spot delivery personnel replacement of.
(2) more than the return required return period.
(3) Return the appearance of incomplete or damaged property.
(4) Customer shipping documents missing or incomplete.
(5) products are not provided by the mall.
(6) the quality of the goods themselves there is no problem.
(7) replace the goods to customer requirements into other commodities.
(8) because the product replacement packaging, and packaging does not match the page display, but no substantial change in the commodity.
Consumer unauthorized repair, misuse, abuse, accident, alteration, improper installation caused the product quality issues, does not apply to the return policy. The mall has the final interpretation of the above terms.

Shipping Method:

1. Courier arrangements
We will succeed in your online payment or promptly after receipt of your payment will be sent express manner of goods. If you leave the shipping address is the address of office space, etc., we will default to the consignee on working days and weekends off for distribution. If the consignee can also be receiving weekend, please order the Remarks.
2. Delivered to your door
   We will send someone home delivery, retail customers outside the cities can only be delivery of goods by mail.
3. Ordinary mail
Remittances of about 2-7 days to be reached by mail may be required depending on the region of 5-15 days. If you do not receive more than the cumulative time of goods, please dial our service hotline.
4. EMS arrangements
If you want special needs, we can arrange delivery of goods EMS approach.

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